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Buy The Gang a Bale of Hay for £5

Winter is an expensive season for us, as we give the gang hay bales to make sure their tummys are full. Thank goodness, spring is just around the corner!

We have been very lucky, as our fabulous supporters have paid for so many hay bales but the gang have now scoffed them all.

We have high costs what with the land rent and our ever high vet bills so every bit of financial support means the world to us.

If anyone would like to pay for a hay bale then please click on the ‘Buy a Bale’ link below where you can pay via PayPal or debit card. Each hay bale costs £5.

Buy a Bale

Thank ewe from us all.


May Open Day ~ 19 May 2019

Buddy Lamb 2019

Our first Open Day of 2019 is on Sunday, 19 May from 12-4 pm.

Full details here.

Beautiful Lambs

It’s time to introduce four new additions to the Sheep Ahoy family.

Meet Elle, Princess, Peter & Buddy aka Bertie depending on who calls him 

Elle Lamb 2019
Princess Lamb 2019









These beautiful babies have come in over the past month with Elle being the eldest and Buddy the youngest.

All with their own stories but all poorly and weak when they came into rescue but now doing well and enjoying life and the cuddles that it brings each day.

Peter Lamb 2019 … aka Peter Rabbit
Buddy Lamb 2019









Lambs are a constant worry as they are just like caring for any human baby and can come down with infections and tummy problems very easily so if we’ve seemed a bit preoccupied recently then this is the reason.

We love them all … welcome to Sheep Ahoy 

Land Purchase Fund Launched

A Crowdfunding campaign has been launched to raise money to purchase land for the charity instead of continuing to rent it.

This will allow more animals to be helped and more visitors to be welcomed and be able to teach them about sheep, goats and veganism.

For more information on this campaign please go to our GoFundMe Fundraiser here.




Lamb Love

It’s time to introduce you to Grace and Jacob, the latest additions to the Sheep Ahoy family 

Saved independently by separate rescuers from certain death alone these two babies came to us within days of each other.

They have both needed lots of care to make them strong and we hope that both continue to make good progress so as they can eventually join the rest of Oli’s Gang.

NEW Website is Launched!

The sheep are literally jumping for joy today as our new website has gone live!

The website has been developed and is being hosted by Mind Failure who have both been supportive and patient with us during this project.

Rob Watson of Mind Failure has been extremely generous with his time which he has donated for free so Thank You from all at Sheep Ahoy Animal Rescue.

If you ever need help with web design then please contact Mind Failure as they are a very professional company that I have no hesitation in recommending.

New Resident at Sheep Ahoy

Meet the new member of Sheep Ahoy.

This handsome boy who we have named Danny came to us after being saved from certain suffering and death by a kind lady.

Unable to walk properly due to a lameness issue he had been put in a field on his own by the farmer as unfit for market. Receiving no treatment he was found flat out on the cold ground and thought dead. The farmer agreed to hand the poor boy over to his rescuer and he was bedded down in the warm for the night before coming to us.

He’ll now receive all the veterinary treatment that he needs and lots of love and never be left on his own again.

New Grazing Update!

Sheep Ahoy Animal Rescue are taking on more grazing as of the 1st June 2017.

We will have an additional 5.5 acres of grazing which will ensure that our existing rescues have plenty of grass for both summer and winter but that we have space for an urgent cases.

This is exciting news and is all thanks to the supporters that have come forward with regularly donations to help out with the extra monthly rental costs.

If you are able to give a monthly donation towards the rent for the grazing then please contact us at Sheep Ahoy to discuss.

Any amount helps and the animals appreciate everything you do for them … and so do us human carers