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Sheep Ahoy Spring Open Day 2024

We are happy to announce our first event of 2024!
This will be on Sunday 19th May 2024 from 12 to 4pm at our Guilton Field in Ash.
This has become an event very much looked forward to by everyone including the sheep so we hope to see lots of you there to support us as usual.
Lots of food, stalls and things to do as usual, so fun to be had by all!
Our famous BBQ expanded last year to include other delights which went down so well that the team will be providing these again with some more offerings planned.
Our wonderful cake stall sold out last time as the cakes and savoury’s are so delicious that visitors aim straight for it to make sure they get what they want 🍰
All the wonderful food and refreshments served are vegan but are not to be missed!
We will keep to our format in the field of a one way system as it worked really well.
Hygiene is key to us and so there will be multiple hand washing/sanitising stations and regular cleaning of stall areas and toilets.
Dogs welcome on leads 🐾
Parking in field available 🚘
Bus stop adjacent to field 🚌
Toilet facilities 🚾
Please come and support us as we cannot do what we do without you our supporters ❤


We are looking to relieve the pressure on existing volunteers and so are looking for new helpers to work alongside existing ones to ease the load and be able to cover when one of the team are unavailable.
Locations are around Ash and Sandwich.
Please see the attached ad for further information.

Sheep Ahoy Open Day 2023

For details of our September Open Event please click here.

Angel ~ Our New Rescue Girl

Introducing our new rescue lady ❤️

A plea was put out for rescue space for this terribly neglected ewe and when we saw the condition she was in we just had to say bring her to us.

A kind lady had kept her alive by feeding her grass and giving her water each day when she was down and unable to stand. Down for 2 weeks leading to horrendous and painful pressure sores.

The farmer gave antibiotics but when they didn’t make her any better he just left her to die refusing to call a vet due to the cost. Finally he agreed to sign her over so she could receive the care that she needs to hopefully recover.

Unfortunately being down for so long has caused weakness in her legs plus she’s been unable to graze and also been feeding her lambs which has exhausted her physically.

Now on the correct antibiotics and pain relief along with hand picked grass, treats and sheep mix and without the burden of producing milk for her lambs, we are doing everything we can to help her recover.

The good news is that her lambs came with her and are already accepting bottle feeding. Momma is in poor condition and was only just producing a small amount of milk but, as explained earlier, we are now bottle feeding the babies to relieve the pressure off her body and Momma seems quite happy with that 😊

We seem to always be asking for money for something but this has put an extra burden on us financially and so any donation is gratefully received …. Thank you 💕




Maddie says: “Mummy Julia is worried about money and us sheep don’t like it when Mummy does that 🙁 
We overheard her say that we only cover the monthly rent by two thirds and on top of that we are now going to start having to pay for much more hay as the winter really starts … she mentioned £900 a month whatever that means. I just know that I need my hay and somewhere to live and Mummy and Sheep Ahoy give me that so please can you help us?
Mummy would like to add that any small amount set up as a monthly donation to us helps and we can claim Gift Aid on it too!
Thanks for reading and that’s it folks as I need to get back to eating now …. love Maddie 🎅
This link will let you set up a monthly donation from your bank account or make a one off donation 🙂


It’s GIVING TUESDAY 2022 and the day that we launch our Crowdfunding campaign to raise money to purchase land for the charity … just click on the link above to see it.
We have an amazing donor who will match fund donations up to a total of £50K!
Let’s share share share this Crowdfunder all over the place in the hope that we get the support that we need to maximise our donors pledge.
Thank you ❤

A Very Long Day

I’m so tired …. both physically and mentally tired.

I’m not looking for sympathy as running a sanctuary is my choice but I want people to know that when I’m late or forget to do things that it’s because I’m either involved with the animals or I’m just so tired that I can’t think straight.

Today is a classic example of a day at Sheep Ahoy being both a busy and productive day today at the charity ☺️

It started with picking up a shed that had been donated to us from some kind people and taking it to one of the fields. Unloading the shed, picking up some sheep hurdles from the field and then some shed paneling and other wood from a kind local supporter. Then we were off to the polytunnel field where the priority was of course to check and feed the sheep. That in itself is a mammoth job as we make up our own bespoke feed and feed the sheep according to their individual needs, for example, Eli needs a separate feed as he won’t eat with the other lambs.

Then it was time to unload the trailer and we put the donated shed panels to use straight away. We used these to wind proof the area we had made for Ed and Bill & Ben plus we then secured their area even more with the hurdles we’d brought from the other field …. We just don’t trust that Ed sheep!

Lots of other tasks which included unloading the feed from the trailer and putting in the secure feed bins. Feed ranges from 15kg to 25kg a bag and there is no other way than to literally lift it into the feed bins. I do worry about the charity volunteers who carry out these tasks along with me for the sake of the rescues. I’m not sure they know what they are signing up too when they start to volunteer.

If that wasn’t enough we re stacked the few remaining hay and straw bales and created an area for the fresh large hay rounds to be stored … and as if by magic they arrived!

Phew! What a day!

We do it for our love of the sheep but it still doesn’t stop us being exhausted and our bodies aching at the end of the day.

On top of all the jobs we do is spending time with the rescues. Peter just loves fusses and follows us around just to spend time with us, Caleb is very chilled and waits patiently for a cuddle, Ed wants us with him 24hrs a day so whatever time we do spend with him needs to be quality time …. we just love it but do realise that we have to balance our time between tasks and spending time with our sheep family.

The day did have some funny parts like the time that I got the biscuits knocked out of my hand and ended up with Elvis between my legs stuffing his face with biscuits whilst the others knocked me forward and stood on my hair …. I emerged looking like a scarecrow!

The evening usually involves admin tasks but tonight that’s a ‘no’ as my brain isn’t up to it and I need an early night with some pain relief 😂

A Wonderful Day Was Had At Sheep Ahoy!

We held our first event of 2021 on 1st August and what a wonderful day was had by all …. humans and sheep equally enjoyed it.
The weather was against us from the start but we went ahead knowing rain showers were likely during the afternoon. Well I think rain showers was an understatement as the heavens literally opened just as the event started but you all kept coming in to support us regardless of the downpour …. and then, just as quickly as it begun the rain stopped. the sun came out and everyone was able to enjoy the afternoon 🙂
Thank you for visiting us even with rain forecast, many of you coming some distance, what amazing people you all are.
The sheep were pretty well behaved except young Sioux who was determined to get the pick of the feed bags by jumping up to get them! How many times did you hear the words ‘Sioux NO!’ during the afternoon or Dee saying ‘She’s just excited’ … well she was just an excited baby at her first event so who can blame her.
Thanks to all for visiting and all who helped, we couldn’t do any of it without you ❤


Jo Burns from Radio Kent recently came to find out about Sheep Ahoy.  Why not have a listen.

Charity Patron: Rose Wyles ~ The Vegan Nutritionist

We have some exciting news!

Sheep Ahoy Animal Rescue has it’s first charity patron in the lovely Rose Wyles – The Vegan Nutritionist.

A patron is someone who agrees to lend their name to an organisation as a way of supporting them by helping them get noticed, adding prestige or lending credibility to the cause. Rose certainly does all those things because she has the same vegan values as Sheep Ahoy plus supports our objectives and future plans.

Rose has a healthy following on Twitter and is now managing our Twitter account too which takes the pressue off the rest of the team …. The Sheep Ahoy Twitter account @olisgang has grown from around 45 followers to well over 1000 in the short time that Rose has managed things 

Rose is dedicated to helping raise the profile of our Land Fund project and to raising funds for it too. Watch this space for an update on what she has planned … it’s massive!

Rose is a qualified Nutritionist and is a Vegan, Raw, WFPB & Child Nutrition Consultant so why not visit her at www.thevegannutritionist.co.uk or follow on Twitter @vegannutrition1 for some great dietary tips and recipes!

Thanks Rose for supporting us