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Members of the Gang can be sponsored for £2 a month or £24 a year depending on how you wish to manage your finances.

Sponsors receive a personalised sponsorship certificate plus a photo of their chosen sheepie with their individual story and the additional benefit of a ‘Meet the Sheep’ visit.

Annual Sponsorship can be purchased via the Etsy shop.

Monthly Sponsorship is available but please contact us to arrange this as it’s not available via Etsy at the current time.

The sponsorship money will help to cover costs associated with shearing, foot trimming, worming, vaccinations and preventative treatment for fly strike.

Like all animals, sheep sometimes require medical attention. This could be for ailments like arthritis, sore feet, or as in Samuel’s case, an ongoing eye problem. Any excess monies from the sponsorship scheme will go into a general fund for veterinary treatment.