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Obi’s story began with a trip to the local livestock market to buy some sock lambs to rescue.  Obi was standing very hunched up in a pen amongst other little lambs but something about his demeanor told us that he was not a well boy which meant we had to have him.

We won the bid for Obi at £11 but couldn’t take him until the auction had finished.  Once outside we noticed a black area on one of his hind legs and a trip to the vet was made.  The vet found a large badly infected area on his hind leg, basically a gangrenous abscess which had to be lanced and then flushed with saline daily until it healed. Antibiotics and pain killers were prescribed.  There was still something wrong though and on further examination further abscesses were found in his other hind leg which meant more treatment was needed.  Poor Obi was not a well boy and without treatment would have surely died.

Things soon started to look up for Obi once the abscesses were under control and although he did suffer from milk related bloat, basically colic, he seems to have gotten over that and is a happy little boy who has developed quite a cheeky nature.

Obi loves hugs and he gives good ones back by snuggling his head into your neck. He is rather cheeky too! In fact it was Obi who led the attack on the rabbit hutch and ended up inside munching away on the rabbit’s swede peelings!

Obi is now two years old and best friends with Samuel who joined Obi as a lamb so they grew up together.  Obi is an opportunist and will eye up any possibility of getting through the gate to the grass the other side … and sometimes makes it too!

Samuel and Obi tend to always be together and are know as the terrible twosome 🙂

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