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Nemo is around four years old and came to Sheep Ahoy Animal Rescue in January 2017 with his friends Pom Pom  & Kaspar.

The ‘Charing 3’, as they are now called, were brought to the attention of Sheep Ahoy by Kent Animal Save who had noticed the sheep in a field with nothing to eat and the only water being from a trickle of a stream running through the paddock.  None of the sheep had ever been shorn and were carrying around huge fleeces covered in thistles and under which they were very underweight.

It was the winter and the weather was about to turn for the worse so KAS & Sheep Ahoy worked together to secure Nemo, Pom Pom & Kasper and move them to Sheep Ahoy where they are now safe.

Nemo proved to be a very loving, gentle boy from the start and always wanted to come and give kisses by sticking his face into your face.  Nemo is easy going and tends to let life go on around him without worrying too much.

Nemo has huge, beautiful ears and a handsome white face and is one of the first to greet you when you visit the Gang.  Always interested in what you are doing he loves to stick his nose into everything but in a lovely way.

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