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Maa is an ex breeding ewe of around 12 years old who came to Sheep Ahoy during October 2016 with her friend May.  Maa was in a terrible condition being not only emaciated but severely anaemic with a respiratory infection as well.  She had been spotted at a livestock market looking very withdrawn and cold.  Both her and May were in a pen to be sold as breeding ewes but we were told by farmers that they both needed a bullet because they were old and in such a state.

Well Sheep Ahoy jumped into action and bought both ewes for £10.  They were loaded into our trailer and taken straight to our vet.

By the time we arrived at the vet Maa had basically collapsed through weakness and exhaustion but she suddenly got up to eat some fresh straw and we knew then that she was a fighter.  The vet administered two types of antibiotics and a vitamin injection to help boost Maa’s system.  The anaemia had probably been caused by severe worm and fluke infestion but Maa was too weak to give her anything to treat that so we just had to wait and see if she picked up.  We gave small and nutritious feeds regularly throughout the day and late into the night for a few days and soon Maa started to show signs of improvement.  She was now strong enough to receive the treatment against the worms and fluke and amazingly she came through that fine.

Maa has gone from strength to strength and although still rather boney in places, has put on weight and certainly has plenty of energy to run up the field when she see us.

Maa takes everything in her stride and soon allowed us to fuss her.  She would look into our eyes as if to say ‘Thank you’ … well Maa ‘Thank you’ for joining Sheep Ahoy!