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Eddie is two years old and came to Sheep Ahoy Animal Rescue in October 2016 with his lifelong friends Bow, Freddie & Teddy.

Sheep Ahoy were part of his original rescue from market earlier in the year and were happy to take him when his human family couldn’t keep him and his friends anymore.

Eddie is a loveable rogue.  He is the escapologist of the group and will be the one to find the way out of any field before any of us humans.  Fencing has to be 100% to keep this little rascal in and so he keeps us on our toes.

Eddie is the most handsome boy with his jet black face and legs and stands proudly in the sunshine as if he knows this too.

Although he enjoys a fuss he is more aloof than his friends and is more interested in the fresh grass the other side of the fence.

Eddie has tiny little horns which never come to anything but do get caught when he’s pushing his head through or under the fencing and so we have to keep an eye on these as they can bleed.

Eddie is either found eating or looking for fresh grass which is usually the other side of the fence … his recent specialty seems to be sticking his head through the stock fencing but not being able to get it back!

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