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Belle is a beautiful girl born in March 2017 and bought by Sheep Ahoy Animal Rescue from market when she was only a few days old.  Belle was brought home to Sheep Ahoy along with two other lambs, Elvis and Rory, who are to be her lifelong friends.

Belle was very poorly when she first came to the attention of Sheep Ahoy in the pen containing the sock lambs at market.  Her eye was extremely red and sore and was weeping discharge.  Belle, along with Elvis and Rory, was taken straight to the vet who diagnosed a respiratory infection, an eye infection and a joint infection and Belle was prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.

Belle responded well to the treatment but was initially left with damaged and congested lungs which made her cough when she ran around but nowadays she seems to have recovered fully.

Belle is a very chilled out lamb and a very inquisitive one too.  She doesn’t miss a thing and watches everything going on around her intently.

Belle was a very jealous lamb and didn’t like anyone being fussed more than her.  This especially applied to Rory who she would push out of the way if he was being given more attention than her.

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