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The current cost of living crisis is not just affecting people on an individual level but it is affecting charities too.
Running costs are escalating especially on every day spend on feed for the rescues.
We do not generically feed the sheep but do so on an as needed basis. This is because commercial sheep feed is aimed at fast growth of lambs and extra nutrition for pregnant ewes or working rams.
In the rescue world the former is not a requirement but there is a requirement for additional supplementation of vitamins and minerals by the way of lick buckets especially over the winter period until goodness can be found in the spring grass. Appropriate licks, however, are also needed during this rich spring grass period to help balance and maintain gut health.
Hard feed, as it’s known, is specifically tailored to fulfill the Sheep Ahoy gang without the ingredients in commercial feed that can cause problems, specifically to the boys.
A bespoke mix is fed to any older or poorly sheep to support their nutrition or to sheep with poor dentition that cannot chew forage properly. We also feed sheep where grazing is restricted and they are relying on hay alone.
This all means that on a weekly basis we purchase in around £100 of feed which may not seem a lot compared to other sanctuaries but over the month it’s between £400 and £500 plus the additional cost of hay and straw …. so for each month over the winter we have been paying out around £1000 just to feed and house the sheep and that is without purchasing licks as these are around £30 a bucket.
Feed costs are going up on a weekly basis and one of the feeds we use has gone up to £19.30 whereas it was around £14/£15 last year … in fact on our website it states it can be purchased for £13.75!
The particular feed mentioned above is a key forage for older and poorly sheep and so we must keep purchasing it.
We have an event planned for later in May which will help to top up funds but in the meantime we are launching an appeal for funds to help us over the remainder of this month.
We hope you don’t mind us posting about this but Julia has been juggling finances for the past few months and so we are reaching out for any help that you can give …. as they say every little helps!
Thanks for all your support as always.
Jasper having a snooze after lunch